Friday, March 20, 2009


If you need some encouragement today, take another look at the palm tree.

You can cut it but you cannot kill it. The nutrients that most trees need to survive can be found just below the bark, so when you cut them they die. But not the palm tree; its life comes from its heart so it thrives even under attack. Do not let surface issues derail you and do not give into short term thinking. Stay focused on what God promised you!

It bends but it will not break. Tropical storms can blow most trees away, but not the palm tree. It is resilient. It bends all way to the ground, yet when the storm is over it straightens up again and is actually stronger. You were made to been, not break. God promises to give you’… strength that endures the unendurable and spills over into you…’ Colossians 1:11. God’s willingness to promote you is always in direct proportion to your ability to endure.

Its depth exceeds its height. While the roots of the average tree to go a few feet under, the roots of the palm tree go deep in search of water. David said, ‘As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you…’ (Psalm 42:1) God’s plan for you is to go deep; Stay connected to Him, and never be uprooted, barren or blown away. If you are facing trouble right now do not ask “Why me?” instead ask “What do you want me to learn?” Then trust God and grow stronger through it!

For some weeks now I’ve longed to experience some form of freedom – a different and special one, I searched and in that scripture alone I’ve I found it, so I decided to share.

Remember good thoughts brings good decisions, think on what you’ve read then ask the right question and follow the instruction then see your blessings before you.

Believe it or loose it!

Quote of the note: “Trouble never leaves you the same, it either leaves you a better or a bitter person”.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Motivate inexpensively...Just thinking

Hey there, how’re you doing lately?

Just been thinking on these things lately


Does money motivate people to work harder? Answer this question for yourself by picturing in your mind the hardest working people you know and judging whether they perform as they do because of the money they make.

Whatever your conclusion, the more important question may be: Can you motivate without spending a lot of money?

I’m out…your comments matter.

Take care of you.

Quote of the note: “No amount of pay ever made a good soldier, a good teacher, a good artist, or a good workman” – John Ruskin

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tissue or Water?

He comes out with a definite frown on his face, would there be any attacker or friend in the convenience (or which do you prefer, toilet?) that can piss one off? What could have happened to a cool looking guy coming from the convenience?
Does it stink? You ask.

Ladies in the room steer in awe at this guy who walks down to his friend sitting beside the potted flowers below a non-responding air conditioner, which can’t be referred to nothing but an electrical hand fan, causing more discomfort with its clicking noise than the coolness needed.

“What’s wrong?” His friend asks as he sits “It’s just nonsense in there, no drop of water, I didn’t notice till I finished and all I could see was a little roll of tissue.” My friend and I noticing them, unconsciously burst into laughter, but could it not have been. “It’s alright.” His friend pleaded as they left.

Let’s come to think of it, which could be better, a bottle of water or roll of tissue? Or perhaps which do you prefer? Which makes you cleaner, comfortable?

I remember then in High School days when curses were rained on students who messed up the water system toilet with papers, tissues and pads. The whole school is then been punished, unwarranted punishments back then. Back home, mum would always beat the younger ones for messing up the toilet, leaving the uncles and aunts behind, but are they really innocent, I mean the uncles and aunts? Well, office toilet and even their individual private toilets now judge.

Some days back, I went to visit a friend and entering the compound links me with shouts and curses dropping rather too simultaneously from an old woman (a neighbour within) saying loudly “foolish people, dirty, dirty figs (pigs she meant), manimals (animals instead)”. See! “There’s just no happiness in a community like this,” my friend said.

She bursts into laughter after this and all I could conclude was… would you rather not laugh off things that hurt you but others find fun? And of course, this is Lagos where there’s no right and wrong in most neighbourhoods, they’re just there to live life however it comes their way.

This on another note got me thinking about rolls and drops, (water and tissues rolls). What would you rather use after doing the ‘real thing’ in the convenience? Whichever way you prefer, accepted, make sure its best to your use within, and when you out there too – do it the best way everyone else will appreciate.

Saving you the embarrassment, do the mess to yourself. Bear with the eateries, restaurants, they can’t satisfy everyone. Or better still try the ‘bests’, but can they meet everyone as well?

It’s your dough that tells it. So, No comment!

Quote of the note: "The starting point for both success and happiness is a healthy self-image" Joyce Brothers

Remember, Enjoy Life!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Moving On

As human beings, we get to a point in life – business, religion, relationship that we just want to move on to the next level or phase of life but the question is, does this movement confirm growth and development on our life and efforts because,

We work, we walk
We live we leave
We eat, we cheat
We see, we believe
We build, we damage
We wish and then we carelessly forfeit the needful.

For some employees working in a particular company for long is just an act of weakness and spinelessness. But the few that still gather the courage to remain with that boss, to keep reliance with that company are not weak.

A book I read recently, ‘Yes You Can’ by Sam Deep tells me that growth, talking in all terms you may think doesn’t all count to physical movement, you grow within before you grow without – so the philosophers also said. So, if you think growth will only come to your life if you move from that job you are now (that with the meagre pay) only to retire home either to start another job hunt or work on your long dreamed dreams, then you need a sit back, a proper reflect that will define your present state in relation to your future. Then, consider asking yourself some questions.

Ask yourself: Am I ready for this?
Is now the right ‘now’?
How much have I put into ME?

I am not saying you drop those big dreams, that you avoid taking bold steps, neither is it that you don’t fulfill your personal dream and achievement. But not every growth, development requires physical movement rather more of mental, intellectual and inner ability to be wholly responsible and ready to beat the titans of self discovery.

Three things are important for growth to occur in life, even without physical movement;
- How is the company you are now growing?
- How well have you grown personally, intellectually, in expertise etc with the company.
- How many external opportunities has your present state offered you?

What you should also know is, no matter how long it takes good things will always (some day) come your way, though the small ones have been effective, the bigger ones will surely come to you, all that’s required is a determined and prepared mind…
Remember: “Success is when preparation meets opportunity”. John Mason

So, how prepared are you for success in that next job, career you’re looking at? Opportunity will only wait till you master the necessary preparations, then and only then will your success come easy at you. And like the Bible confirms that those that believe and do His commandment will succeed, be fruitful on any land they live.

Your dream doesn’t have to be ‘BIG’ at first; it simply has to be full of B.I.G
B-brilliant ideas &
I – intelligent efforts that are
G – God inspired.

God could cause us to experience remarkable advancement while remaining in the same location as he did with Isaac in Genesis 26:1-3 even at a very harsh state.

You are who you are even before you move to a better place. Build yourself and you will build where you are or where you are going.

Work on yourself and know the right time to move on from there.