Thursday, September 10, 2009


I used to think that anyone doing anything weird was weird. I suddenly realized that anyone doing anything weird wasn’t weird at all, and it was the people saying they were weird that were weird.
Thinking about creativity lately I found out that creativity is using your mind to change, revitalize and reorder portions of your life that need change of course. I found out that you are creative when you make something new based on what you in the world or environment around you. And you just like everyone, is born with some creativity, but you can develop it much further.
So, how much are you developing your creative instinct?
To be creative, you should start thinking like a child, play with ideas and ask yourself; “why not?” and “what if?” Then believe that there’s always a better or different way to every thing. I now know that people who value intangible resources will always be more prosperous than those who value the visible because, Real money is not the paper but the value you invest that yields quality.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Not until a friend asked how I plan to spend the summer did I realise summer was around or is it already in? So, I took my time to ponder on what I want to do for summer, at least I deserve a break after the long day and night work thing even if my job involves half work and half fun, is it even fun? Somehow it is, but the fun is no where near the amount of energy you release…in fact na wha!
But wait! Is there summer in Nigeria? Anyhow sha I still want to live in that sate for a moment, so here, I share my summer wannabe.
Summertime and the living is easy. Happily, so are we women, sunshine on skin, long soft evenings, bare legs, naked shoulders…Warm weather does wonders for a girl’s libido. As for moi, I plan to use my time well, choose my targets wisely, and be steps away from a sex-drenched summer.
The issue is a location – can you enjoy a good summer in Nigeria? Well, I’m yet to find out about that. But do you need to leave the country; of course there is plenty of skirt closer to home.

There’s one thing I keep in mind when I need good time out or just say fun – season- I ask myself “what’s my season?” Yes, my season really determines me. I target events such as Sports events at the Polo Resort; you know those sorts, all game, music and fun. There’s something fun about an occasion, especially one where you get to dress up. For these gigs, neither the tickets nor the outfit comes cheap, and then is the dress, shoes, hair to impress the horses. And certainly I have to get my money’s worth in return, I make sure I get a throw of champagne and under that crisp white frock; I get frisky as a mare. All I need do is present myself elegantly and find a decent wingman (while I leave the girls lynching evidently, they can wait), catch his eye and saunter him over to ask for a check (status and updates I mean), after the cool giggling chat we simply walk away separately while I get back to the ladies, then we move the party home.
Perhaps we run into each other in future, the ice will be broken, and I can lead him on a personal tour of the grounds – and possibly the bushes. Weddings significantly up the ante this season, so in addition to designer dresses, drinking and the like, floodgates of emotions are let loose. Flashing through my mind will be the hope that love does exist, lust for ivory my other part, and a creeping fear everyone else is getting married and she’ll be left on the shelf. But with this cocktail of excitement, envy and anxiety, life could only be much easier. With all these I start imagining visibly charming the oldies, dancing with little ones, having a killer opening line and simply wonder if there is such thing as a happy ending. As a result, I’ll just play it right maybe I might get one.
Then there music festivals, fashion shows and one album launch event to another – and I can’t also forget the smaller, invitation-only bashes. The beach is good when I choose it is: I simply hang out in a tent in my nice shorts, Helly Hansen baseball cap; after all a 17-year old look is not wrong for a different summer, is it?

Monday, August 3, 2009


So, the big day approaches, and the essentials are ready, a cute little or big church as you so desire, a huge hall house for the reception and you’ve found a Pastor, who has no objection to marrying a divorced, single or “partly married lady”.

It’s all set.

All we have to do now is finalise the caterers, enforce my beloved’s aesthetic on the marquee people, arrange the flowers, the bar, the cars, (I guess the groom does all these – but we might have to do together), the seating, the honeymoon, send out more invites, get the morning dress built and get someone to make a wedding dress.

Isn’t it that easy?

Many years ago, when I was a lot younger, I used to think marriage was a proper way of cementing a long or short term friendship between a man and woman or a boy and a girl as it implies. But different were the meanings people around me read to it – from family members, friends and enemies, they all taught it meant more than that – what exactly I don’t know.

Seems like a good point to ask: Why do men and women get married? It is after all, a universal idea found in some form in every known human society. And yet we all constantly make jokes about “being the best parent in the world” and say we “ are going to live to be a great father/mother to our kids, how we can’t afford to let work come between us and our children, but don’t we?

So why the abiding obsession?

Childhood memories come right back at me, those times when we shared scenes of plays that defined marriage entirely different from what we’ve come to see everyday in our present day lives. Then, we all acted marriage as if “marriage is a property contract”. And we would dutifully write it down in our colour-coded jotters we kept as journals, red in for a dangerous comment, blue for the take note and pencil for the ‘do-it-everyday’ note. If you get caught doing any of the ‘red ink notes’ in public you’ll be given a regurgitating knock on your head...Ewww, which was quite a painful one.

I didn’t believe any that then and I don’t believe it now, just did to keep neighbourhood friends though. How can modern marriage be a property contract? Ok, my dad once told me that back then when you would ask a ‘Lord’ for the hand of one of his 16 daughters in marriage and he would look you up and down and say “yes”, confirming you’re good enough – materially and mentally speaking here – “then it was the meeting of two estates” I would respond. So long as it looked like you had “prospects” (or your father owns Eleganza) he would say, “Be my guest, sunshine and here is my contribution towards the marriage.”

But marriage is not a property contract any more when all you’re really bringing to the table is two tiny but fabulously expensive flats and two CD collections with the same empty boxes. Incidentally, can anyone explain why the plastic boxes in which you store CDs are called “jewel cases”? What the hell is that about? In reality, they are flimsy little shards of the cheapest recycled plastic, which shatter the first time you try to get them out of the tightest shrink-wrapping invented. Now, if CDs really did come in jewel-encrusted case, or merely cases made of ultra-thin, shaved down panels of pure jewel – diamonds, say – then marriage really would be a property contract. But no, when marriage consists of an exorbitantly expensive wedding and then the amalgamation of two lots of chipped crockery and the realisation that you now have two juicers when you never used either one in the first place how can it possibly is called a “property contract”?

Which brings us back to the question: why does marriage even exist? Marriage, huh, what is it good for? If people get married for “a public declaration of love”, well, I could do that a lot more cheaply and effectively by taking out a billboard in Lagos or cheaper still, by fly posting, or by giving a bunch of teenagers spray cans and telling them to go and daub graffiti near Lagos Island’s fashionable bars, so that celebrities would stagger out of clubs and bars at three o’clock in the morning with a girl on each arm and as they looked down to avoid the pop of the paparazzi flashlights, they would see there stencilled on the pavement in front of their eyes, the words, “ Mart 4 You”. I assume they call it viral marketing, so we all can get married by the day and avoid long-term savings, then we can simply call it “a public declaration of love”.

As for “the formation of a family unit”, well, tell that to anyone who’s living in sin with a partner and their children from a previous liaison: instant family, no need for marriage there, ask few celebrities.
Or, “legitimising sexual relations”; what is this? The 1890s? As we’ve all merrily been having sex since we were barely able to walk, and half the country has children every afternoon out of wedlock while the other half looks on, the idea that we need marriage to legitimise sex is totally absurd. It’s not as if you ever get shouted at on the street corners for getting spotted with your hand down the jumper of someone who isn’t wearing your ring. Well, not in Lagos anyway.
As for “legal, social and economic stability”, the figures for divorce rates put the lie to that little charade. For instance, did you know Nigeria has the lowest divorce rate in the world?
What about “the education and nurturing of children”? Well, my old headmaster and teacher were both deeply committed to the education and nurturing of children back then in Primary School and they didn’t feel the urge to put on a big white dress and walk around a church, so I guess that’s not good enough reason to get married.
There was a fantastic article I read online recently last year which seemed to imply that marriage wasn’t really of any benefit to men whatsoever, and because of that wives should lie around on their backs with their legs open at all times while using one hand to stir bubbling pot of coq au vin and the other to administer correction to an unruly five year-old. At one point, the female author actually wrote “Husbands are mostly quite simple. Generally what they want is unlimited sex, constant reassurance, good food and plenty of freedom, or at least three of these four.”
Unfortunately I checked, and she’s already spoken for. So, why do people get married? Well, it’s love actually. Though obviously people only really get married to keep the parents happy. This is why I will be hoping my future in-laws read this piece and get the massive hint to pay for the whole thing. To be honest, the idea of introducing his parents to my family fills me with dread. But such is the price they pay for gaining a daughter, I guess.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Night After...

How long can I rely on this deep sigh of yours?
Do you mean every gesture you’re showing now?
Is this gonna be a lasting treasure
Or a random memory, that’ll bring painful pressures…
Can I also believe the magic of your touches on me?
That tomorrow I’ll feel more of it
And the day after tomorrow I’ll more and not live to reminiscence
On the feelings you left on my skin today

Will you still be with me tomorrow?
Or is this a feeling just for today?
Is this a scene for another day?
Or a sin I’ll regret tomorrow?

Is all these just gonna be about me
Otherwise about my lofting body gently rapped in this plain silky sheet?
Needless to say, is this once and never again?
Will you still love me tomorrow?

But till this moment I ask myself:
“Was yesterday, yes yester night a repression of my inner-most self,
Unleashed ever so briefly
Or was it just a revelation of the darkside of me.

The truth is: I remain me
Because the morning after was yesterday
It passed,
And though that night was sweet,
Today is a brand new day!
© Adeola Ojedokun ‘09

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Some seasons bring to us useful memories, others bring to us long awaited dreams, while little brings to us hope of things yet to come:

What fuels your fire?
What ignites your passion?
What's the thing you can't live without
The thing that makes you feel alive?
The thing you choose to do instead of doing drugs?
Whatever it is,
Draw it.
Write it.
Sketch it.
Film it.
Tape it.
Record it.
Paint it.
Dance it.
Play it.
Rap it.
Do it alone or do it with friends and show it to the world.
Your idea could be used for am national television commercial or featured on a website that shows the world, and with that you've ministered hope to the whole world.

You can do it!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Excerpts from 'secrets'...

In secret, I keep them in my hearts,
I read them; on my face I scale them.
To ears I mutter them, ready ears I recite to,
Steady, steady, it beats.
Then hush, hush! It spreads.

My heart pants for force, my hands fear shame
My feet swallow cool, but my tummy cowls volumes
Ringing volumes of immeasurable columns - Oh!
Again I fumble

If earth could turn the unknown into the greatest folks
Then, the eyes can see better cones represent a rogue
Hmm, I murmur at my repent
Letting my resents go to rest.

Tomorrow I’ll ignite my vents; I’ll speak to my rents.
And I’ll gather them, and tell them to not stagger at my radar
Speak! Speak! Speak on I hear, yeah those are my behinds.
Though they still torment my moments…
They still stand for my might.

My God, I just poured my mind
Never knew I could be this kind to wrong myths
For long they treated me good.
I should have declined, denied and decided their fine.
But still i…

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Friends are the DNA of society. They are the basic building blocks of life. If you have a couple of good ones, treasure them like gold, because they’ll always be useful.

There’s nothing better, ever seen Ads that go - “friends and family”? I ask why not “family and friends”? Or is ‘co it flows better that way? Well I think it’s something else.

Yes, they know too, that friends are those people that can join you do those silly things you often feel like doing, the awful things you do spontaneously all in the name of ‘having fun’ and ‘living life’. And of course the family is that group of people that stay with you to clean up the mess while you continue with life…some friends stay put though.

Your friends help you carry the big weight in life. That big burden we’ve all got called, “What the hell am I doing?”

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are certain friends in your life who are always your friends and you just have to accept it. You see them even though you don’t really want to see them. You don’t call them, they call you. You don’t call back, they call again. You’re late, they wait. You don’t show up, they’re not upset. You try and stab them, they understand.

The problem with talking is that nobody stops you from saying the wrong thing. I think life would be a lot better if it was like you’re always making a movie. You mess up, somebody walks up and says “Cut, cut, cut, cut, that’s not going to work at all”. But what makes life interesting if not the fact that we must make mistakes but we have to learn from the mistakes.

Let me tell the main ish in all these ramblings: 1. Friends are good, keep them.
2. People think about what you’re saying and ask if you really mean it and the reality of your words even when you speak the ones that hurt them (mostly when they expect you to console them) you still push the pin claiming to yourself “I love you that’s why I can’t but say the truth”

But is that really it?

3. Always love life, the best yet to come. Take today as a great day and wait for tomorrow to be greater.

Quote of the note: “We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are” - - Anais Nin

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Solo Sex or Masturbation

I have always been of the idea that masturbation or solo sex as its often called is no sin, or what do you think? But that isn’t necessary anyway

So I read an article discussing a major issue I have for long talked through and in my mind and I was so happy at what I read…Masturbation is no sin!


Yes, what is it?
How is it a sin, please explain to me if you think it is and if not still tell

As I was saying, masturbation, solo sex all of them like that is just you simply enjoying yourself not because you doing it satisfy someone but because you want it your way, simple, selfishly and straight up . So what?

Another common question is: is it against religious beliefs?
I am a good Christian, I respect the word of God but I have not come across any passage in the Bible where it states that I should abstain from solo sex or as I call it personal sex. This one I know that the Bible says you shall not have sex with an animal, an opposite sex, your father or mother as concerned. I for one don’t like thinking about sex cos I think its just a waste of time, why not give to yourself whenever you think you need it and quit hurting yourself because some guy/babes is not there to help out…okay sorry, but seriously what exactly is the ish about sex?

Addiction: Well addiction is not a good thing. Compulsive impulse to have sex is human right? But it should be controlled; one thing I hate most is addiction, when I get addicted to something, anything it affects me most psychologically and I hate…mehn I hate because then I can’t concentrate I can’t decide and I can’t understand myself just because I want to quit something. So just one word for addition – Bad!

Fantasising is not bad, well if you’re not the bold type like my friend will put: fantasise about sex if you’re not ready to be involved and if you want to involve and you’re not ready to indulge (you gerrit) then masturbate.

Okay, enuff!

When you get a partner, I mean a right partner as in boy to girl thing then you should stop the masturbation except he/she is out of sight.

What else do I know – solo sex doesn’t have to be boring – Betty Miano

This is a personal issue o…if you don’t believe then you don’t but research as also confirmed it.

Y’all have a wonderful time.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Yeah, yeah, it's been a while and i feel like smacking myself for

Hope is sweetness that fills you
When all around is sour
Hope is it that calms you
Even in the raging storm
Hope walks with you
When everyone’s gone
Hope restores
When you’ve lost all
And can only find one…Hope
Hope speaks in the chilliest land
And in the stormy sea it reigns
Hope is it that leads the blind
And keeps his path safe
Hope leads the heart
Telling you there will be no harm
Hope binds your mind and reveals greater mines
Hope is a ‘thing’ that gives life.

Just something to ponder on - "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we
are" - - Anais Nin
"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music"

Live life!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Most times when I meet friends, mostly guys our friendship transcends into the next phase when he comes up with "Please can you write a poem about me"? This of course is after I've told him I love next answer then goes like ; "I don't even know you enough to do that"

Then he says "just the little you know will do"

Okay, I'll say, then put something up about our short term relationship that will soon turn to pages in my journal. After dismissal.

But of all my numerous 'write-about-me poems', one was particular as I had to write this poem for this sweet friend just ON our first date...and i can say it was a relieving one. At times one experience tells how the whole thing will go, and simply because just that one night went wrong, the rest apparently will.

I'll like to share few of this writing escapades of mine in a short while.
Starting with this, dedicated to this dear friend who thinks I care more than i hurt contrary to my own opinion.


In You
All I see is You


Y - Your smile that reserves a question that
makes me want to

O - Opt for a second or real version of you,
which i can't just see in

U- U, just not yet.

Just like I see, I feel a speech being rendered
in my heart for you.

A speech simply put like; I Like You
And I know as the times roll pass us
I'll sure conclude my assumptions

But for now
I pretend, assume that - I just like you
Yes! Just for now

I pretend to know you
And i really mean you
I mean the REAL YOU

Still, i battle 'the you'within me with muse

This is humorous: "An orgasm a day, keeps the doctor away"....LOL

Have fun.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have some confessions to make...Hehee not that bad though.

I have been feeling miserable lately
Got separated from my addiction to coffee some time ago, but I’m gradually getting addicted again….depression?
I am so loving ‘blame it’ ‘dead and gone’ and ‘cookie jar’ lately too, been wondering why they all share same theme.
I check Google more than any website, perhaps checking for something I don’t even knows yet.
Within the past 3weeks, four guys asked if I was into ladies, what! Hell no…okay ‘cos they think I don’t care enough for guys, but that doesn’t mean I dig ladies instead, does it?
Liking my new look
I am enjoying my new 30GB I pod…yikes!
I am still re-reading ‘redeeming love’ by Francine Rivers. After reading a chapter for 2weeks I clearly have a reason why I am re-reading it over
Should I share? cos I wn lrn 2 sty awy frm ov ----‘wrong move it is’
Something has been telling me.
I am really fighting an addiction ---not coffee
I am writing a poem on coffee, but I can’t pick the lead again ‘cos it’s going to two pages. Don’t know if it’s still romance, hate, hurt, life and okay maybe all of ‘em
I am preparing for a crazy
I think Facebook is getting boring.
I found this “An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away” and I think it’s awkward.
Yes, I love………..


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It Matters...

It matters to be born
Because it’s the only bond that gives
A definite force and reason to live

It matters to live
Because out of life comes the real files to living

It matters to think
Because thoughts yield great efforts
Efforts that influence the heart

It matters to sink
Because below the deep are messages
That gives meaning to an assuring destiny

It matters to strive for greater heights
For great heights yield success

It matters to love, even when it denies one the true beauty of it and causes aches during the rainy and stormy days

Thursday, April 9, 2009


This is a short note to the general public to perform good forms of kindness that leave little room for santimoniousness. Here are my favourites:

Buy a packet of cigars and leave it behind the reception of a maternity ward, for all the new fathers

Hail a taxi. When it stops, get the driver to roll down the window. Give him a Mars bar then run away.

Buy a copy of a daily, then give it back to the person who sold it to you.

Smile at people

Pop a sugar cube next to an ants' nest

If you are a man, put the loo seat down. If you are a woman, put it up

Pat a dog

Swap places with the person behind you in the queue

Pay for a stranger's coffee

Hug someone

What do y'all think?

Friday, April 3, 2009

The 90/10 Principle by Stephen Covey

Hey, check this

10% of life is made up of what happens to you. 90% of life is decided by how react. What does this mean?
We really have no control over 10% of what happens to us. We cannot stop the car from breaking down. The plane will be late arriving, which throws our whole schedule off. A driver may cut us off in traffic. We have no control over this 10%. The other 90% is different. You determine the other 90%.

Watch out for the next phase...

Friday, March 20, 2009


If you need some encouragement today, take another look at the palm tree.

You can cut it but you cannot kill it. The nutrients that most trees need to survive can be found just below the bark, so when you cut them they die. But not the palm tree; its life comes from its heart so it thrives even under attack. Do not let surface issues derail you and do not give into short term thinking. Stay focused on what God promised you!

It bends but it will not break. Tropical storms can blow most trees away, but not the palm tree. It is resilient. It bends all way to the ground, yet when the storm is over it straightens up again and is actually stronger. You were made to been, not break. God promises to give you’… strength that endures the unendurable and spills over into you…’ Colossians 1:11. God’s willingness to promote you is always in direct proportion to your ability to endure.

Its depth exceeds its height. While the roots of the average tree to go a few feet under, the roots of the palm tree go deep in search of water. David said, ‘As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you…’ (Psalm 42:1) God’s plan for you is to go deep; Stay connected to Him, and never be uprooted, barren or blown away. If you are facing trouble right now do not ask “Why me?” instead ask “What do you want me to learn?” Then trust God and grow stronger through it!

For some weeks now I’ve longed to experience some form of freedom – a different and special one, I searched and in that scripture alone I’ve I found it, so I decided to share.

Remember good thoughts brings good decisions, think on what you’ve read then ask the right question and follow the instruction then see your blessings before you.

Believe it or loose it!

Quote of the note: “Trouble never leaves you the same, it either leaves you a better or a bitter person”.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Motivate inexpensively...Just thinking

Hey there, how’re you doing lately?

Just been thinking on these things lately


Does money motivate people to work harder? Answer this question for yourself by picturing in your mind the hardest working people you know and judging whether they perform as they do because of the money they make.

Whatever your conclusion, the more important question may be: Can you motivate without spending a lot of money?

I’m out…your comments matter.

Take care of you.

Quote of the note: “No amount of pay ever made a good soldier, a good teacher, a good artist, or a good workman” – John Ruskin

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tissue or Water?

He comes out with a definite frown on his face, would there be any attacker or friend in the convenience (or which do you prefer, toilet?) that can piss one off? What could have happened to a cool looking guy coming from the convenience?
Does it stink? You ask.

Ladies in the room steer in awe at this guy who walks down to his friend sitting beside the potted flowers below a non-responding air conditioner, which can’t be referred to nothing but an electrical hand fan, causing more discomfort with its clicking noise than the coolness needed.

“What’s wrong?” His friend asks as he sits “It’s just nonsense in there, no drop of water, I didn’t notice till I finished and all I could see was a little roll of tissue.” My friend and I noticing them, unconsciously burst into laughter, but could it not have been. “It’s alright.” His friend pleaded as they left.

Let’s come to think of it, which could be better, a bottle of water or roll of tissue? Or perhaps which do you prefer? Which makes you cleaner, comfortable?

I remember then in High School days when curses were rained on students who messed up the water system toilet with papers, tissues and pads. The whole school is then been punished, unwarranted punishments back then. Back home, mum would always beat the younger ones for messing up the toilet, leaving the uncles and aunts behind, but are they really innocent, I mean the uncles and aunts? Well, office toilet and even their individual private toilets now judge.

Some days back, I went to visit a friend and entering the compound links me with shouts and curses dropping rather too simultaneously from an old woman (a neighbour within) saying loudly “foolish people, dirty, dirty figs (pigs she meant), manimals (animals instead)”. See! “There’s just no happiness in a community like this,” my friend said.

She bursts into laughter after this and all I could conclude was… would you rather not laugh off things that hurt you but others find fun? And of course, this is Lagos where there’s no right and wrong in most neighbourhoods, they’re just there to live life however it comes their way.

This on another note got me thinking about rolls and drops, (water and tissues rolls). What would you rather use after doing the ‘real thing’ in the convenience? Whichever way you prefer, accepted, make sure its best to your use within, and when you out there too – do it the best way everyone else will appreciate.

Saving you the embarrassment, do the mess to yourself. Bear with the eateries, restaurants, they can’t satisfy everyone. Or better still try the ‘bests’, but can they meet everyone as well?

It’s your dough that tells it. So, No comment!

Quote of the note: "The starting point for both success and happiness is a healthy self-image" Joyce Brothers

Remember, Enjoy Life!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Moving On

As human beings, we get to a point in life – business, religion, relationship that we just want to move on to the next level or phase of life but the question is, does this movement confirm growth and development on our life and efforts because,

We work, we walk
We live we leave
We eat, we cheat
We see, we believe
We build, we damage
We wish and then we carelessly forfeit the needful.

For some employees working in a particular company for long is just an act of weakness and spinelessness. But the few that still gather the courage to remain with that boss, to keep reliance with that company are not weak.

A book I read recently, ‘Yes You Can’ by Sam Deep tells me that growth, talking in all terms you may think doesn’t all count to physical movement, you grow within before you grow without – so the philosophers also said. So, if you think growth will only come to your life if you move from that job you are now (that with the meagre pay) only to retire home either to start another job hunt or work on your long dreamed dreams, then you need a sit back, a proper reflect that will define your present state in relation to your future. Then, consider asking yourself some questions.

Ask yourself: Am I ready for this?
Is now the right ‘now’?
How much have I put into ME?

I am not saying you drop those big dreams, that you avoid taking bold steps, neither is it that you don’t fulfill your personal dream and achievement. But not every growth, development requires physical movement rather more of mental, intellectual and inner ability to be wholly responsible and ready to beat the titans of self discovery.

Three things are important for growth to occur in life, even without physical movement;
- How is the company you are now growing?
- How well have you grown personally, intellectually, in expertise etc with the company.
- How many external opportunities has your present state offered you?

What you should also know is, no matter how long it takes good things will always (some day) come your way, though the small ones have been effective, the bigger ones will surely come to you, all that’s required is a determined and prepared mind…
Remember: “Success is when preparation meets opportunity”. John Mason

So, how prepared are you for success in that next job, career you’re looking at? Opportunity will only wait till you master the necessary preparations, then and only then will your success come easy at you. And like the Bible confirms that those that believe and do His commandment will succeed, be fruitful on any land they live.

Your dream doesn’t have to be ‘BIG’ at first; it simply has to be full of B.I.G
B-brilliant ideas &
I – intelligent efforts that are
G – God inspired.

God could cause us to experience remarkable advancement while remaining in the same location as he did with Isaac in Genesis 26:1-3 even at a very harsh state.

You are who you are even before you move to a better place. Build yourself and you will build where you are or where you are going.

Work on yourself and know the right time to move on from there.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Past Few Days

The past few days
I have heard voices i can't understand.
The past few days
I've heard the moon speak tales, tales I’ve long foreseen.

The past few days
I have seen the whether change, with varying colour and atmosphere.
The past few days
I’ve seen the sun smile, a smile that reveals great misery to me.
The past few days
I have seen the rain pour heavily, on like I never saw
The rain poured me ideas, great ideas.

The past few days
I have seen and felt my foot ache, aches that made me trek miles
That brought fortune.
The past few days
I have heard my head spin, spin with hurts from memories
The past few days
I’ve heard my mind wonder, wonder about greatness of mighty strengths.

The past few days
I’ve felt my hand shiver, shiver to write words of inspirations
The past few days
I felt pains in my eyes, pains that brought nightmares
The past few days
I’ve heard my mouth speak, speak words that restored hopes and gave courage.
The past few days
I’ve felt my instinct grow, it has grown to the height of the saints.
The past few days
I’ve learnt a lot, learnt to live for what I have, and die for what I need.
The past few days
I’ve learnt that I am only the best me.
The past few days
I’ve seen the night growl, growls that hulled my fears.
The past few days
I’ve seen love grow; grow like it’s not fake.

The past few days
I’ve met people, people that gave me chances.
The past few days
I’ve heard my mom speak; speak choices to me from her tomb.
The past few days
I’ve shared thoughts, thoughts I always dread within me.
The past few days
I’ve learnt that life would only offer what you request.
The past few days
I’ve learnt that life could only be life if you keep it alive.
The past few days
I’ve learnt more about life.

Quote of the note: "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it."

Monday, February 23, 2009

'When Last i thought' 4

The last part finally

When last i thought.....Sex
I wondered and pondered, the sweetness
And the bitterness, the pain and the gains
The fruits and the roots, the fin and the
Turns, the punishment and the achievement
Limitations, the conceptions and the
Abortions, the regulars and the disappeared
The flows and the rolls changing the game
And the agreement, slowly through the months
And the fun of sex, all run with nut.

When last i thought.....wealth
I thought vanity, vanity, vanity
I imagined an empty sky - what does
It hold?
An empty ocean - what does it benefit?
A rotten mouth before tasty meals - of what appeal?
Of what value a fortune without ground to tread?
Wealth - vanity in reality, vanity in eternity
Vanity! Vanity! Vanity!

When last i thought...hate
I wondered, i munched, i murmured to myself
Love and hate ...just a thin line
I love, i hate.
The shapes and faces, the sizes and classes
Beautiful and ugly, i loved, i hated.

When last i thought....destiny
I felt fulfilled, i felt disapproval,
I saw my feet on sands and my palms
On gold, i collected memories of prophecies,
Promises and shared with my destiny
I prayed seriously believing nothing but
My little hobbies, i played strong, just
To keep my hommies and suppress enemies
The counts of fortunes and blessings brings
Hopes to my thought. My dreams revive
Probing my characters to follow suit
I refrained and regained my hopes
Then restored my destiny in my thoughts
It's visible i said.

Quote of the note: Feelings of superiority or inferiority are the same. They both come from fear - Robert Anthony

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Just one bit, one bit alone will i give you
Just one bit of who i am
For long you've known me
Clowned me but suddenly you disowned me.

I have kept a little of me
Out of you, that i may have
A beautiful tool to use
A bit of me you ask, a bit
Of me i give you now.
You knew me to be cool but
You found out i could be nude
So what?

You knew me to be smart
But a bigger part of me is
Ever shy.
A tale of me i always told you
Whenever we see, but a little
Of it you always overlook.

Now, listen a little bit of me
I give you to consume...
Just a little bit of me you
Can now conclude.....
In your arms alone i find succour
This because you have made me secure
A bit of me desires to know more of you
But a big me pretends to already know
Enough of me.

I smelt a fool in me
But you made me see a big ME.
A bit of me i share
This bit of me that has made
Me grow this far.
A bit of me that has brought
Rights and experiences to me
That bit of me that occupies
My mind per minute.
That bit of me that is simply you.
Yes! You is that little bit of me.

Quote of the note: If you want to get big fleas, hang out with big dogs.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Defining the Image.

Hmmm i wonder in ponder as usual.
Dreaming thoughts i had always wanted to end in reality. Each time i lay back i see pictures of my thoughts, i view doors of my vision open but i can't just see them in reality...Why?

I sleep, i dream big, dreams about mountains becoming valleys before me and valleys becoming routes to my great destiny. But life just denies the essentials. Sections and segments of my life are painted red, written faintly, dimly shining, yet invisibly glorious. Day after day i know and confirm that tomorrow will be better, but will tomorrow ever come today or someday? The difference between fiction and reality is that fiction has to make sense;sense to whoever has the sense to perceive - good or bad.
Moments could be good, fair, demanding, torturing, deceitful, ignorant....but hearts, true hearts redeem desires long started only for bleeding days and sleepless nights.

Life is good, it's beautiful, but definitely, life is funny as well as.....LIFE. The last time i spent with my alter being and shared my mind, i felt pity unhappy, i couldn't stop shedding tears of joy and sadness; cos life is all about that anyway, though i love life, say 50% i do. The pestering question is why don't i love nor appreciate life? It's got offers you know...i repeat, good and bad, and i believe the best comes to the best worked, diligent, steadfast and i quote everyone the destined and desirous.

But...where do i fall, the good, the bad or the ugly? I need a check, but (again) how come i can't just figure that out? Am i too shy (100%), reserved (96%), adventurous (100&)to be noticed who i really am - i seriously miss the old me. Now the new me wants all that strict educative/imp active work, any good thing that will influence my society and generation...CUT!
It's not all working out, why? why? why? I ask myself the same questions each day, hour, seconds and blue eyes.
Doing too good is not doing too well, travel the miles and return , life is all about learning, someone said the best school is the school of life - LIFE. How long has it been, have been the same thing, THING?---No, this sane issue, yes issue, it's an issue you know..Life.

From poetry definition of it to prose, short story, song etc i keep defining and have no real dig to it yet. What do i do? A suggestion i once thought - only the dead can really explain it, but i don't have to die to, A writer is better gone through an experience/situation before writing about it, it helps. My wishes come and slip off like the cloud movements...but now i have vowed to cling to them like forever. Yes i can and i will!

Quote of the note: Like a teabag, a man is not worth much until he has been through some hot water.

Monday, February 2, 2009

"When Last i thought...(3)

Still on it,

When last i thought ....a child!
I felt rage, i felt joy, love for
A new bor, fear of the 9months.
The early mornings, the diziness by
The day and the suspense of guilt
I held my tommy and felt the purge
Of my womb, the desire to bear within
A future, a reasonable, achievable and
Meaningful future. The chest bears nauseas
And the eyeballs weakness, the glands gets fuller
And the thighs bigger, when all sees and belges, but the
Tommy says it all bulging, bulging ....and the awaited tears
Comes to life, revealing a new hope, a new member and a better
Reason to be alive. To regenarate.

When last i thought.....Marriage
I loved you, i wanted it, i dread to
Go near it. I knew it, i always did, but
The wrong side to it. I wanted it, it's beauty
It's filt, it's glamour and it's clamour, it's
Flavour and it's rigour, splendor and 'set-ups'
I thought it good, but times proved it unfruitful,
Felt it had so much goodness as some say, but only
Seen only its foolness. The demands and remands the
Commitment and consentment/resentment
The bears and fears, the treasures and the pressures,
The love and fears, the love and the lust.'s got so much carriage.

When last i thought Sanity....
I felt insane, i called my mane and named it cain,
I composed some notes, i thought they would restore
Me back to my folks.But not really.
Sanity, insanity, madness and
The firmness. The reason to live, and a season to be
Bereaved, a time to be released and a time to be in total
Mischieve, the sanity of having to be living makes
One go thinking "all can't be done quickly, it takes a mile
And a tick to make a real ink on a grave".

When last i thought HELL.....!
I lost still, i dread sin and clutched to
Holiness, i kept peace with my pieces, never
Assumed greatness but conserved humility, I
burnt my finger by day to drop a lesson in my
Brain..."hell is real" said a voice.
I heard voices pleading for freedom and throats
Thirsty, but the master gave more laughter.
I called to the unaware and determined to pass
The message even to the tombs, but...but
I dropped off, i journed in life, just as it
Placed on my palms a similingly bigger mission.
What the Hell!

When last i thought.....Wealth

Monday, January 26, 2009

"When Last i thought..." (2)

Hey there, you doing good?

Ok, here the later parts go.....

When last i thought peace...
I saw the wars cool like the still waters,corpse
Resurrection, i called to the dip, seeking for peace!
Peace and more peace! Then the wars and clobs,
The fights and the fronts went still, still, never to Return for pain but for gain.

When last i thought paradise...
I heard silence, i swallowed day,
I dreamnt sleep and woke dreaming,
I imagined the trees and the leaves
Sweeping the breeze, and the lilies
Reaping beauties, the sun shown with
Freshness and strenght, gently melting
Mildness to the skin and the birds sang,
Sang toasts to my ears, making splendor my
Longness, the cherries appears tasty,the wilds
Carried beared calmness, stroding the paths and
Mimicking my smiles. I loved it, i cherished it,
Paradise long lost paradise, beauty in escapade
Peace in wholeness, serenity adorned
Happiness personified.

When last i thought being a child.....

Quote of the day: "Everything that has value has a cost to it".

Thursday, January 15, 2009

"When Last i Thought..." (1)

Hello, it's a lovely morning again and you're alive then enjoy the day with this

I am not in the best of my moods now but the best i could do is encourage myself and put on a stronger personality 'cos i know it will only get better.

I have series of thoughts that roamed my mind few months back and ever since tarried in my mind....i'll share them and although it might take a few days before i finish up with the uploads (guess that's why it's called series) but i'll definitely.

There are times you think about somethings, you know;things that have long happened to you, things happening to you now, and definitely things yet to come...these thoughts either scare you or makes you bolder, considering what these thoughts do to you the mind finds it hard to elude such thoughts from the mind and daily they oppress our daily affairs.
The thoughts in words:

"When Last i Thought..."
When last i thought i was going to die,
I dread death, i called it fake then said it true
But it never showed up...thanks

When last i thought success, i felt it huge,
Saw me in mansion, saw me commanding and sending,
Saw me big and aspiring, but suddenly it did me good
And left me a book on making it real.

When last i thought love, i spoke it real
I called it loud, seeming in love, treading
The lot and sharing my lust, but it shot down
On me, failing my desires and passions, giving me
An alternative to lust and never to seek love
Then i thought, now i sought......

to be continued...

Do enjoy your day and make sure you get the best you can out of life.
Live life and enjoy!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

When men are real men

Hello, how're you doing?

Just felt like sharing an issue that boders me most times, 'cos at times i wonder why some men behave the way they do, act and 'indulge'. Ok, here i put it this way;

Men are great. They make things happen, they make the earth revolve about us (women), but definitely they can really be a pain in the heart-you agree?

A statement I agree with souly is that which says; "when a man is a man three beings exist within him- A KING, A BOY and A FOOL!

I am serious, take a deep look into every man-and I mean A MAN you know..........(pause).See the truth?

Now, I'll take a trip into the three characters to share their individual personalities. In every man there's an amount of a king (that man that says he's 'the man' even if he's got what it takes or not.) A reason every man claims the governor over every woman-younger or older than him. True?

Secondly is 'the boy' in every man, a part of him wants to be toyed with, wants to be treated like a baby that needs some pampering and extra care. The boy in every man is seasonal, it happens to be lowest in men, because the king has the highest rank.

Pride is a larger part of human beings-but stands real tall in men-'the real men'. And that they express in two characters-'the king and the boy' that knows absolutely nothing. See what I mean, a man gets home earlier than his wife, and he sits down watching the match all in wait for the so-called wife to come prepare dinner....hmmm she's also expected to make arrangement against the next day-while he sees the matches?

Now, that's the king, the boy and the fool all exhibited at one instance. HE IS A MAN RIGHT!

Let me leave that for that. Then the fool, the fool in a man is the real foolishness that exists- I am been frank here please. So many examples tarry for the foolishness or you follow the term-minute madness/craziness in every being, but the man's got a plague to it.

Wait, who says a woman's foolishness isn't absurd as well, but.........

So, when the fool in a man comes up, then the going gets tough and surely the tough must get going for a strong and tough woman as well.

A woman, a real woman needs some level of courage and manner to get going with all these attributes-good/bad men possesses.

Again I say, MEN ARE GREAT! We (woman) need them, who wouldn't accept that, pretend you don't appreciate men and I sue you for lie.

It's alright, men are good, bad, dangerous, heartbreakers,lovely, romantic, unromantic, nice, and ETC, ETC, ETC, but leaving and maintaining with the odds in them is quite challenging right?
But what we do?------NOTHING OR SOMETHING


The answer, nothing much like; like, love, cherish, adore, receive, marry, understand and....................................add yours, but every woman needs a man in her life.YES SHE DOES!

Finally, every man admits one fact-women are 100% needed in their lifes, if not........what will happen.........

A man told me are:
0- n every
Therefore, men learn to bear the extra weight-the woman along with the KING, BOY and FOOL you posses.

NOTE: The king, boy and fool was based on a general research.

Hope you enjoyed it, please send in your views, comments and corrections they'll are welcomed...alright i've to gte back to writing now.
Remember be good to you, honour yourself and live life full.

Quote of the day: "When the people we love are stolen from us, the only way to keep them is to never stop loving them. People die, buildings burn, but eternal love lasts forever". ~ Anonymous

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just Random Thoughts...

I am very happy!

First, it's a new year and things are really falling in the right places for me just in the second week of the first month in the year 2009 i have two major testimonies...(i'll tell later) but surely it will be a blissful year. Today marks the birth of my blog and that also adds to my joy and few achivements for the year.

As i've always heard that it's quite easy to start a blog but continuous updates is a major ish, of course you can't deny your career of it's priorities and at times it all gets hectic and demanding that the blog and 'co.' just has to wait...quite acceptable right? One thing i've learnt to do in life - 'start something and finish sooner or later' and so far i can attest to huge success with that.

At this moment i have loads of thoughts roaming my mind but just to put things right i would like to officially welcome myself and you, yes you! I ponder alot about 'now' things, things to come and the ones long gone, things i read, see and imagine, these things i have longed to share on a neutral level with a larger audience and here i am with yet another medium to express my deep thinkings, adventures, secrets, inspirations, ideas, imaginations, hallucinations,dreams, emotions and relationship experiences in a world i consider lovely as well as deadly.

While i get back to putting my thoughts together, ponder on this short poem:

This i live by...The most selfish one letter word..........."I" -- Avoid it. The most satisfying two-letterword........"WE" -- Use it. The most poisonous three-letter word......."EGO" -- Kill it. The most used four-letter word........"LOVE" -- Value.

Back to my random thoughts now...bye and cherish your thoughts.

I'm out!