Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Past Few Days

The past few days
I have heard voices i can't understand.
The past few days
I've heard the moon speak tales, tales I’ve long foreseen.

The past few days
I have seen the whether change, with varying colour and atmosphere.
The past few days
I’ve seen the sun smile, a smile that reveals great misery to me.
The past few days
I have seen the rain pour heavily, on like I never saw
The rain poured me ideas, great ideas.

The past few days
I have seen and felt my foot ache, aches that made me trek miles
That brought fortune.
The past few days
I have heard my head spin, spin with hurts from memories
The past few days
I’ve heard my mind wonder, wonder about greatness of mighty strengths.

The past few days
I’ve felt my hand shiver, shiver to write words of inspirations
The past few days
I felt pains in my eyes, pains that brought nightmares
The past few days
I’ve heard my mouth speak, speak words that restored hopes and gave courage.
The past few days
I’ve felt my instinct grow, it has grown to the height of the saints.
The past few days
I’ve learnt a lot, learnt to live for what I have, and die for what I need.
The past few days
I’ve learnt that I am only the best me.
The past few days
I’ve seen the night growl, growls that hulled my fears.
The past few days
I’ve seen love grow; grow like it’s not fake.

The past few days
I’ve met people, people that gave me chances.
The past few days
I’ve heard my mom speak; speak choices to me from her tomb.
The past few days
I’ve shared thoughts, thoughts I always dread within me.
The past few days
I’ve learnt that life would only offer what you request.
The past few days
I’ve learnt that life could only be life if you keep it alive.
The past few days
I’ve learnt more about life.

Quote of the note: "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it."

Monday, February 23, 2009

'When Last i thought' 4

The last part finally

When last i thought.....Sex
I wondered and pondered, the sweetness
And the bitterness, the pain and the gains
The fruits and the roots, the fin and the
Turns, the punishment and the achievement
Limitations, the conceptions and the
Abortions, the regulars and the disappeared
The flows and the rolls changing the game
And the agreement, slowly through the months
And the fun of sex, all run with nut.

When last i thought.....wealth
I thought vanity, vanity, vanity
I imagined an empty sky - what does
It hold?
An empty ocean - what does it benefit?
A rotten mouth before tasty meals - of what appeal?
Of what value a fortune without ground to tread?
Wealth - vanity in reality, vanity in eternity
Vanity! Vanity! Vanity!

When last i thought...hate
I wondered, i munched, i murmured to myself
Love and hate ...just a thin line
I love, i hate.
The shapes and faces, the sizes and classes
Beautiful and ugly, i loved, i hated.

When last i thought....destiny
I felt fulfilled, i felt disapproval,
I saw my feet on sands and my palms
On gold, i collected memories of prophecies,
Promises and shared with my destiny
I prayed seriously believing nothing but
My little hobbies, i played strong, just
To keep my hommies and suppress enemies
The counts of fortunes and blessings brings
Hopes to my thought. My dreams revive
Probing my characters to follow suit
I refrained and regained my hopes
Then restored my destiny in my thoughts
It's visible i said.

Quote of the note: Feelings of superiority or inferiority are the same. They both come from fear - Robert Anthony

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Just one bit, one bit alone will i give you
Just one bit of who i am
For long you've known me
Clowned me but suddenly you disowned me.

I have kept a little of me
Out of you, that i may have
A beautiful tool to use
A bit of me you ask, a bit
Of me i give you now.
You knew me to be cool but
You found out i could be nude
So what?

You knew me to be smart
But a bigger part of me is
Ever shy.
A tale of me i always told you
Whenever we see, but a little
Of it you always overlook.

Now, listen a little bit of me
I give you to consume...
Just a little bit of me you
Can now conclude.....
In your arms alone i find succour
This because you have made me secure
A bit of me desires to know more of you
But a big me pretends to already know
Enough of me.

I smelt a fool in me
But you made me see a big ME.
A bit of me i share
This bit of me that has made
Me grow this far.
A bit of me that has brought
Rights and experiences to me
That bit of me that occupies
My mind per minute.
That bit of me that is simply you.
Yes! You is that little bit of me.

Quote of the note: If you want to get big fleas, hang out with big dogs.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Defining the Image.

Hmmm i wonder in ponder as usual.
Dreaming thoughts i had always wanted to end in reality. Each time i lay back i see pictures of my thoughts, i view doors of my vision open but i can't just see them in reality...Why?

I sleep, i dream big, dreams about mountains becoming valleys before me and valleys becoming routes to my great destiny. But life just denies the essentials. Sections and segments of my life are painted red, written faintly, dimly shining, yet invisibly glorious. Day after day i know and confirm that tomorrow will be better, but will tomorrow ever come today or someday? The difference between fiction and reality is that fiction has to make sense;sense to whoever has the sense to perceive - good or bad.
Moments could be good, fair, demanding, torturing, deceitful, ignorant....but hearts, true hearts redeem desires long started only for bleeding days and sleepless nights.

Life is good, it's beautiful, but definitely, life is funny as well as.....LIFE. The last time i spent with my alter being and shared my mind, i felt pity unhappy, i couldn't stop shedding tears of joy and sadness; cos life is all about that anyway, though i love life, say 50% i do. The pestering question is why don't i love nor appreciate life? It's got offers you know...i repeat, good and bad, and i believe the best comes to the best worked, diligent, steadfast and i quote everyone the destined and desirous.

But...where do i fall, the good, the bad or the ugly? I need a check, but (again) how come i can't just figure that out? Am i too shy (100%), reserved (96%), adventurous (100&)to be noticed who i really am - i seriously miss the old me. Now the new me wants all that strict educative/imp active work, any good thing that will influence my society and generation...CUT!
It's not all working out, why? why? why? I ask myself the same questions each day, hour, seconds and blue eyes.
Doing too good is not doing too well, travel the miles and return , life is all about learning, someone said the best school is the school of life - LIFE. How long has it been, have been the same thing, THING?---No, this sane issue, yes issue, it's an issue you know..Life.

From poetry definition of it to prose, short story, song etc i keep defining and have no real dig to it yet. What do i do? A suggestion i once thought - only the dead can really explain it, but i don't have to die to, A writer is better gone through an experience/situation before writing about it, it helps. My wishes come and slip off like the cloud movements...but now i have vowed to cling to them like forever. Yes i can and i will!

Quote of the note: Like a teabag, a man is not worth much until he has been through some hot water.

Monday, February 2, 2009

"When Last i thought...(3)

Still on it,

When last i thought ....a child!
I felt rage, i felt joy, love for
A new bor, fear of the 9months.
The early mornings, the diziness by
The day and the suspense of guilt
I held my tommy and felt the purge
Of my womb, the desire to bear within
A future, a reasonable, achievable and
Meaningful future. The chest bears nauseas
And the eyeballs weakness, the glands gets fuller
And the thighs bigger, when all sees and belges, but the
Tommy says it all bulging, bulging ....and the awaited tears
Comes to life, revealing a new hope, a new member and a better
Reason to be alive. To regenarate.

When last i thought.....Marriage
I loved you, i wanted it, i dread to
Go near it. I knew it, i always did, but
The wrong side to it. I wanted it, it's beauty
It's filt, it's glamour and it's clamour, it's
Flavour and it's rigour, splendor and 'set-ups'
I thought it good, but times proved it unfruitful,
Felt it had so much goodness as some say, but only
Seen only its foolness. The demands and remands the
Commitment and consentment/resentment
The bears and fears, the treasures and the pressures,
The love and fears, the love and the lust.'s got so much carriage.

When last i thought Sanity....
I felt insane, i called my mane and named it cain,
I composed some notes, i thought they would restore
Me back to my folks.But not really.
Sanity, insanity, madness and
The firmness. The reason to live, and a season to be
Bereaved, a time to be released and a time to be in total
Mischieve, the sanity of having to be living makes
One go thinking "all can't be done quickly, it takes a mile
And a tick to make a real ink on a grave".

When last i thought HELL.....!
I lost still, i dread sin and clutched to
Holiness, i kept peace with my pieces, never
Assumed greatness but conserved humility, I
burnt my finger by day to drop a lesson in my
Brain..."hell is real" said a voice.
I heard voices pleading for freedom and throats
Thirsty, but the master gave more laughter.
I called to the unaware and determined to pass
The message even to the tombs, but...but
I dropped off, i journed in life, just as it
Placed on my palms a similingly bigger mission.
What the Hell!

When last i thought.....Wealth