Monday, January 26, 2009

"When Last i thought..." (2)

Hey there, you doing good?

Ok, here the later parts go.....

When last i thought peace...
I saw the wars cool like the still waters,corpse
Resurrection, i called to the dip, seeking for peace!
Peace and more peace! Then the wars and clobs,
The fights and the fronts went still, still, never to Return for pain but for gain.

When last i thought paradise...
I heard silence, i swallowed day,
I dreamnt sleep and woke dreaming,
I imagined the trees and the leaves
Sweeping the breeze, and the lilies
Reaping beauties, the sun shown with
Freshness and strenght, gently melting
Mildness to the skin and the birds sang,
Sang toasts to my ears, making splendor my
Longness, the cherries appears tasty,the wilds
Carried beared calmness, stroding the paths and
Mimicking my smiles. I loved it, i cherished it,
Paradise long lost paradise, beauty in escapade
Peace in wholeness, serenity adorned
Happiness personified.

When last i thought being a child.....

Quote of the day: "Everything that has value has a cost to it".

Thursday, January 15, 2009

"When Last i Thought..." (1)

Hello, it's a lovely morning again and you're alive then enjoy the day with this

I am not in the best of my moods now but the best i could do is encourage myself and put on a stronger personality 'cos i know it will only get better.

I have series of thoughts that roamed my mind few months back and ever since tarried in my mind....i'll share them and although it might take a few days before i finish up with the uploads (guess that's why it's called series) but i'll definitely.

There are times you think about somethings, you know;things that have long happened to you, things happening to you now, and definitely things yet to come...these thoughts either scare you or makes you bolder, considering what these thoughts do to you the mind finds it hard to elude such thoughts from the mind and daily they oppress our daily affairs.
The thoughts in words:

"When Last i Thought..."
When last i thought i was going to die,
I dread death, i called it fake then said it true
But it never showed up...thanks

When last i thought success, i felt it huge,
Saw me in mansion, saw me commanding and sending,
Saw me big and aspiring, but suddenly it did me good
And left me a book on making it real.

When last i thought love, i spoke it real
I called it loud, seeming in love, treading
The lot and sharing my lust, but it shot down
On me, failing my desires and passions, giving me
An alternative to lust and never to seek love
Then i thought, now i sought......

to be continued...

Do enjoy your day and make sure you get the best you can out of life.
Live life and enjoy!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

When men are real men

Hello, how're you doing?

Just felt like sharing an issue that boders me most times, 'cos at times i wonder why some men behave the way they do, act and 'indulge'. Ok, here i put it this way;

Men are great. They make things happen, they make the earth revolve about us (women), but definitely they can really be a pain in the heart-you agree?

A statement I agree with souly is that which says; "when a man is a man three beings exist within him- A KING, A BOY and A FOOL!

I am serious, take a deep look into every man-and I mean A MAN you know..........(pause).See the truth?

Now, I'll take a trip into the three characters to share their individual personalities. In every man there's an amount of a king (that man that says he's 'the man' even if he's got what it takes or not.) A reason every man claims the governor over every woman-younger or older than him. True?

Secondly is 'the boy' in every man, a part of him wants to be toyed with, wants to be treated like a baby that needs some pampering and extra care. The boy in every man is seasonal, it happens to be lowest in men, because the king has the highest rank.

Pride is a larger part of human beings-but stands real tall in men-'the real men'. And that they express in two characters-'the king and the boy' that knows absolutely nothing. See what I mean, a man gets home earlier than his wife, and he sits down watching the match all in wait for the so-called wife to come prepare dinner....hmmm she's also expected to make arrangement against the next day-while he sees the matches?

Now, that's the king, the boy and the fool all exhibited at one instance. HE IS A MAN RIGHT!

Let me leave that for that. Then the fool, the fool in a man is the real foolishness that exists- I am been frank here please. So many examples tarry for the foolishness or you follow the term-minute madness/craziness in every being, but the man's got a plague to it.

Wait, who says a woman's foolishness isn't absurd as well, but.........

So, when the fool in a man comes up, then the going gets tough and surely the tough must get going for a strong and tough woman as well.

A woman, a real woman needs some level of courage and manner to get going with all these attributes-good/bad men possesses.

Again I say, MEN ARE GREAT! We (woman) need them, who wouldn't accept that, pretend you don't appreciate men and I sue you for lie.

It's alright, men are good, bad, dangerous, heartbreakers,lovely, romantic, unromantic, nice, and ETC, ETC, ETC, but leaving and maintaining with the odds in them is quite challenging right?
But what we do?------NOTHING OR SOMETHING


The answer, nothing much like; like, love, cherish, adore, receive, marry, understand and....................................add yours, but every woman needs a man in her life.YES SHE DOES!

Finally, every man admits one fact-women are 100% needed in their lifes, if not........what will happen.........

A man told me are:
0- n every
Therefore, men learn to bear the extra weight-the woman along with the KING, BOY and FOOL you posses.

NOTE: The king, boy and fool was based on a general research.

Hope you enjoyed it, please send in your views, comments and corrections they'll are welcomed...alright i've to gte back to writing now.
Remember be good to you, honour yourself and live life full.

Quote of the day: "When the people we love are stolen from us, the only way to keep them is to never stop loving them. People die, buildings burn, but eternal love lasts forever". ~ Anonymous

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just Random Thoughts...

I am very happy!

First, it's a new year and things are really falling in the right places for me just in the second week of the first month in the year 2009 i have two major testimonies...(i'll tell later) but surely it will be a blissful year. Today marks the birth of my blog and that also adds to my joy and few achivements for the year.

As i've always heard that it's quite easy to start a blog but continuous updates is a major ish, of course you can't deny your career of it's priorities and at times it all gets hectic and demanding that the blog and 'co.' just has to wait...quite acceptable right? One thing i've learnt to do in life - 'start something and finish sooner or later' and so far i can attest to huge success with that.

At this moment i have loads of thoughts roaming my mind but just to put things right i would like to officially welcome myself and you, yes you! I ponder alot about 'now' things, things to come and the ones long gone, things i read, see and imagine, these things i have longed to share on a neutral level with a larger audience and here i am with yet another medium to express my deep thinkings, adventures, secrets, inspirations, ideas, imaginations, hallucinations,dreams, emotions and relationship experiences in a world i consider lovely as well as deadly.

While i get back to putting my thoughts together, ponder on this short poem:

This i live by...The most selfish one letter word..........."I" -- Avoid it. The most satisfying two-letterword........"WE" -- Use it. The most poisonous three-letter word......."EGO" -- Kill it. The most used four-letter word........"LOVE" -- Value.

Back to my random thoughts now...bye and cherish your thoughts.

I'm out!