Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Do you have a place in your life where special experiences happen for you? Often times when my spirit needed wings from being inside – I went to either a quiet beach – to enjoy the peace of the beautiful sea and sky – or children’s play ground.

This day, as I approached the playground, I heard many voices in the distance, The air was so filled with joy and laughter I could not hold back the laughter. The sound was coming from the dance floor – well, one created by the children themselves, I just had to go there ! The playground was filled with children dancing, skipping, skating, It was a spontaneous time when they gathered during weekends like that. The scene was like from a sweet tale or a portrait of long gone days. There were little girls in beautiful dresses and well plaited hairstyles that almost made them women already. Boys were pulling the smaller children, I noticed a small girl though, lying on her back on the tiled floor, making fairy wings with his outstretched arms. Then it occurred to me he was just doing what he imagined, perhaps what he could see happen. “So do adults right?” I asked myself amidst a long smile. All the children were full of joy, energy, passion with beautiful innocent faces, smiley faces and broad smiles. They showed they were rich beyond the physical measure enjoying simple pleasures.
Aren’t we fortunate to be able to find these surprising windows where we may experience a glimpse of life in another way and find such enriching revelations? Reluctantly, I went home and imagined longingly at myself dancing with those kids back then putting on the look of a child, still in an adults” skin, I felt deep peace, calmness and happiness, I enjoyed that moment while it lasted,
These experiences become a challenge for re evaluating our rush through life and remind us that we need to stop, I ponder, listen and allow our mind and souls to speak to us and ask: “What are the little things I’m not taking time to appreciate or even notice?” Most times experiences at magical places like this brings back a refreshment and reminds of what is truly important. Life then takes a new turn – which we permit it and we feel different again.
So, please allow yourself the special though quiet moment to appreciate the simple pleasures that surround our everyday not just the negative ones that makes us complain and depressed. Then we enrich our lives with beauty, happiness and peace, Moments like that should be cherished, saved, re visited, explored and seen as important moments that let make episodes in our lives. Today is the guarantee you have that tomorrow exists and brings the best.