Wednesday, April 20, 2011

FELA in The Life House All Week and Weekend Long!

For the rest of this week the entire Life House family and friends celebrate the legend, Fela Kuti and the historic arrival of the acclaimed Broadway show FELA! in Lagos.

The Life House shall host a mini-festival which will feature an art exhibition, film screenings, book readings, open-mic session, poetry and a couple of live musical performances.

FELA IN THE LIFE HOUSE – a mini-festival inspired by FELA! in Lagos from 19-24th April 2011

Wednesday 20th April - ART EXHIBITION
"Art of Rebellion”: An art exhibition featuring works by acclaimed graphic artists, Lemi Ghariokwu and Weyinmi Atigbi.
Gallery open daily (except Mondays)

Wednesday 20th April - LISTENING SOIREE
In the ambience of The Life House patio and lounge, enjoy “Unknown Fela” for one night only. We’ll be playing unreleased and less known songs from Fela’s oeuvre. Groove.Chill.Ponder. From 7pm

Thursday 21st April - FILM SCREENING
Film club Reel Life will screen 2 great films about Afrobeat as part of the mini-festival – “Music is the Weapon" and
"Ginger Baker in Africa". Don’t miss this. Film starts at 7.30pm.
Reel Life Film Club screens world, classic and alternative films and documentaries every Thursday evening. To join Reel Life Film Club please send email to

The Fire Dance Readings by Sola Olorunyomi .
Starts at 5pm sharp
Sola Olorunyomi is the distinguished author of “Afrobeat! Fela and the Imagined Continent”.
This will be followed by an open-mic session of poetry, spoken word and acoustic music. Guests are encouraged to share their talents and inspirations to an afrobeat twist.
Open mic session starts at 7pm as does the cafe’s Happy Hour so come one come all!

Saturday 23rd April - WURA SAMBA LIVE CONCERT
Tribute Afrobeat Jam Session featuring the wondrously mesmerizing percussionist Wura Samba with his band.
Experience this special concert and the art of percussive afrobeats as interpreted by Wura Samba. We look forward to sharing this wonderful artist with you. Gate:N1000
Time: 7pm

We will reenact an afrobeat session Rehearsal with The Life House house band and in true TOCATINA spontaneous
style incorporate the audience culminating in a Karaoke Sing Along session. This will end our festival tribute to Fela
and this is for everybody and absolutely free. If you love to sing, mime or just have fun then look no further.
Time: 6pm

Go, Enjoy!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Writing is a Performance

Quote of the day:

" The first and perhaps the most important requirement for a successful writing performance—and writing is a performance, like singing an aria or dancing a jig—is to understand the nature of the occasion". STEPHEN GREENBLATT

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just The Right Solution

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Monday, April 11, 2011

My New Alternative To Worry

My new alternative to worry is meditation and so far it has been exceedingly benefiting. I learnt about meditation few days ago during which my worry status was killing me...i worried about everything and nothing but now that's like half way solved because I meditate.

I found out that the same amount spent on worrying over one's problem is exactly the same as the one used in meditating over the word of God or over nothing.

Easy and fun!

Friday, April 8, 2011

This is a Confession...

Okay, I'll just put it up here because it definitely appears noone out there wants to listen to me and few that do don't seem to understand my rants yet again.....I mean, how do I even explain it here?

Well, it's simple, I notice I've become too emotional in, too damn emotional especially about personal stuff and fashion(great fashion content, piece, item, idea, etc simply blows my mind off beyond the sky). I get so emotional to the extent that I feel the shivers in my veins. I feel so concerned, involved (I guess that's called empathy) about everything, why? I ask myself.

I sure need answers, but where, from who, myself?

Still searching but while at it I have this strong feeling I'm transcending into someone else or something entirely different from what I am presently. Thoughts like "am I turning into another being, say a vampire (..and that's what happens when you've seen seasons 1& 2 of vampire dairies) but then, it all started before I spent a whole weekend watching Vampire Dairies (nice movie btw).

So then what is it?

I am confused, messed up, wandering, asking questions, thinking...errm, errmm, okay let me say I'm just too EMOTIONAL.

*Hold up*..Let me Google emotions....

Really... I Don't Have a Title

I know this isn’t right or perhaps selfish of me, I’ve left this blog alone for too long considering that I started here first after which I started - but I think from this moment forth I’ll blog more often I shall truly bear every bit of my inner most burdens…well, I will, I should….so be it.

I shall share every bit, nothing held back: my silly thoughts about people around me, about the guy that thinks he’s so fantastic (can I just get off this word btw), that lady that thinks she’s got it all but it appears all belongs to her husband, my mind that keeps worrying about that tall, fit, fair complexioned, cute guy around my office and billions of other thoughts.
This blog shall now truly bear all my thoughts, my rants (good, bad and ugly too) and maybe thoughts in people’s head…yes! I hear others thoughts too.
*just kidding*
No I’m NOT!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The sun is gone
The mist is here
I search for long, now I found the right picture.

I was always my own
Till u spilled the seal of fortune on me
Just so I could be yours
Away I flee
You shared so much fun with me
You struggled to make your point
Even when they felt so pure
I still felt insecure
Not for the words
But for faults I dread to restore

Please pardon my silly thoughts and
Free your breathing aids
See yourself soar,
See yourself soar with no halt
Taste the broth and realize
I have long lost my peace to dual

I let it out long ago
I let it out to the breeze
Though it hummed my heart like a hide of honeybees
I still let it be

I reached back into the wild
And recalled the colour of your hair
The smell of your hair
That makes me want to err
Everything I've ever heard

You freed my heart
Set my mind on fire
I restricted though
But you kept on instead
I fought, I lust but after all
Gave up
Though you felt injured
Screamed out into the future
I didn’t take it to be a feature
But with seldom tick-tuck I claimed my freedom.

With much effort you tried to work us
In and out you tried
But each time I cut u short
Not that I meant to be tough
Just that I had lots of nightmares yet to become hot dreams

I see in the long distance
Pictures of you and I
Just for the while it ran
After which we transformed
You left with no concern
No care nor farewell

Now I realize your sweetness
The fairness of your truthfulness
I see the glow in your eyes
The sincerity in your brown eyes
Saying lots with little expression
God, how I love those eyes.

You saw me meander by circumstance
You took me and led me towards fun
Fun, which u call the essence of life
I do not believe we met by chance
But nature as they say, worked out our destiny.

I scream,
Loudly scream to myself
That you and me
Will always be a dream

The sun has gone
The moon is here
The time has come
For me to bare
But you will
Always be here
Here, within my air.

(C)Adeola Ojedokun 2011