Thursday, September 10, 2009


I used to think that anyone doing anything weird was weird. I suddenly realized that anyone doing anything weird wasn’t weird at all, and it was the people saying they were weird that were weird.
Thinking about creativity lately I found out that creativity is using your mind to change, revitalize and reorder portions of your life that need change of course. I found out that you are creative when you make something new based on what you in the world or environment around you. And you just like everyone, is born with some creativity, but you can develop it much further.
So, how much are you developing your creative instinct?
To be creative, you should start thinking like a child, play with ideas and ask yourself; “why not?” and “what if?” Then believe that there’s always a better or different way to every thing. I now know that people who value intangible resources will always be more prosperous than those who value the visible because, Real money is not the paper but the value you invest that yields quality.