Thursday, May 21, 2009


Yeah, yeah, it's been a while and i feel like smacking myself for

Hope is sweetness that fills you
When all around is sour
Hope is it that calms you
Even in the raging storm
Hope walks with you
When everyone’s gone
Hope restores
When you’ve lost all
And can only find one…Hope
Hope speaks in the chilliest land
And in the stormy sea it reigns
Hope is it that leads the blind
And keeps his path safe
Hope leads the heart
Telling you there will be no harm
Hope binds your mind and reveals greater mines
Hope is a ‘thing’ that gives life.

Just something to ponder on - "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we
are" - - Anais Nin
"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music"

Live life!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Most times when I meet friends, mostly guys our friendship transcends into the next phase when he comes up with "Please can you write a poem about me"? This of course is after I've told him I love next answer then goes like ; "I don't even know you enough to do that"

Then he says "just the little you know will do"

Okay, I'll say, then put something up about our short term relationship that will soon turn to pages in my journal. After dismissal.

But of all my numerous 'write-about-me poems', one was particular as I had to write this poem for this sweet friend just ON our first date...and i can say it was a relieving one. At times one experience tells how the whole thing will go, and simply because just that one night went wrong, the rest apparently will.

I'll like to share few of this writing escapades of mine in a short while.
Starting with this, dedicated to this dear friend who thinks I care more than i hurt contrary to my own opinion.


In You
All I see is You


Y - Your smile that reserves a question that
makes me want to

O - Opt for a second or real version of you,
which i can't just see in

U- U, just not yet.

Just like I see, I feel a speech being rendered
in my heart for you.

A speech simply put like; I Like You
And I know as the times roll pass us
I'll sure conclude my assumptions

But for now
I pretend, assume that - I just like you
Yes! Just for now

I pretend to know you
And i really mean you
I mean the REAL YOU

Still, i battle 'the you'within me with muse

This is humorous: "An orgasm a day, keeps the doctor away"....LOL

Have fun.