Tuesday, May 29, 2012

These Women ...

These women Their shoes are maxi-high Their lips are full-on red Their bags and dresses fit And match like the perfect sky But their attitudes, oh their attitudes Their attitude roar like a roll of thunder. These women They laugh, smile and gaze Like it's all little, casual yet So small; they call shots and spots As if they mean harm and no more, nothing extra These women They desire neither acquire No remorse because after all They are women. (c) Adeola Ojedokun

Am I?

Am I? Am I reading this? Am I digesting every bit Of these words Or just looking through and counting letters? Am I? Am I giving proper attention to these sayings Or just hearing sounds of it? Am I finding reason and understanding To these sentences or am just walking that Part of acceptance - that part that believes words Are sinking in with meaning but rather the lack of it Am I? Am I going to stop These other side-thoughts So I can concentrate on the Rewards this readings will yield? Am I? Am I seeking solution and comfort Or attracting More harm with my worries And believes - Am I? (C) Adeola Ojedokun