Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Night After...

How long can I rely on this deep sigh of yours?
Do you mean every gesture you’re showing now?
Is this gonna be a lasting treasure
Or a random memory, that’ll bring painful pressures…
Can I also believe the magic of your touches on me?
That tomorrow I’ll feel more of it
And the day after tomorrow I’ll more and not live to reminiscence
On the feelings you left on my skin today

Will you still be with me tomorrow?
Or is this a feeling just for today?
Is this a scene for another day?
Or a sin I’ll regret tomorrow?

Is all these just gonna be about me
Otherwise about my lofting body gently rapped in this plain silky sheet?
Needless to say, is this once and never again?
Will you still love me tomorrow?

But till this moment I ask myself:
“Was yesterday, yes yester night a repression of my inner-most self,
Unleashed ever so briefly
Or was it just a revelation of the darkside of me.

The truth is: I remain me
Because the morning after was yesterday
It passed,
And though that night was sweet,
Today is a brand new day!
© Adeola Ojedokun ‘09

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Some seasons bring to us useful memories, others bring to us long awaited dreams, while little brings to us hope of things yet to come:

What fuels your fire?
What ignites your passion?
What's the thing you can't live without
The thing that makes you feel alive?
The thing you choose to do instead of doing drugs?
Whatever it is,
Draw it.
Write it.
Sketch it.
Film it.
Tape it.
Record it.
Paint it.
Dance it.
Play it.
Rap it.
Do it alone or do it with friends and show it to the world.
Your idea could be used for am national television commercial or featured on a website that shows the world, and with that you've ministered hope to the whole world.

You can do it!