Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The sun is gone
The mist is here
I search for long, now I found the right picture.

I was always my own
Till u spilled the seal of fortune on me
Just so I could be yours
Away I flee
You shared so much fun with me
You struggled to make your point
Even when they felt so pure
I still felt insecure
Not for the words
But for faults I dread to restore

Please pardon my silly thoughts and
Free your breathing aids
See yourself soar,
See yourself soar with no halt
Taste the broth and realize
I have long lost my peace to dual

I let it out long ago
I let it out to the breeze
Though it hummed my heart like a hide of honeybees
I still let it be

I reached back into the wild
And recalled the colour of your hair
The smell of your hair
That makes me want to err
Everything I've ever heard

You freed my heart
Set my mind on fire
I restricted though
But you kept on instead
I fought, I lust but after all
Gave up
Though you felt injured
Screamed out into the future
I didn’t take it to be a feature
But with seldom tick-tuck I claimed my freedom.

With much effort you tried to work us
In and out you tried
But each time I cut u short
Not that I meant to be tough
Just that I had lots of nightmares yet to become hot dreams

I see in the long distance
Pictures of you and I
Just for the while it ran
After which we transformed
You left with no concern
No care nor farewell

Now I realize your sweetness
The fairness of your truthfulness
I see the glow in your eyes
The sincerity in your brown eyes
Saying lots with little expression
God, how I love those eyes.

You saw me meander by circumstance
You took me and led me towards fun
Fun, which u call the essence of life
I do not believe we met by chance
But nature as they say, worked out our destiny.

I scream,
Loudly scream to myself
That you and me
Will always be a dream

The sun has gone
The moon is here
The time has come
For me to bare
But you will
Always be here
Here, within my air.

(C)Adeola Ojedokun 2011